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Core Competency Pizza

Love Lifelong Learning: Eat Core Competency Pizza

I was hunting in the fridge for a snack and got an inspiration about making a Core Competency Pizza, which you could call a “half-baked” notion. Har! The reason for this is that I’m rarely hungry for only one or two slices of pizza and the Core Competencies are usually best thought of as skills […]

matball or retirement

The Geezer’s View of Retirement

So my wife added a link to our favorites list, Bogleheads on retirement. I’m starting to get hooked on the Bogleheads, and retirement is on our minds a lot lately. The big question is what will I do when I’m retired? I’m pretty sure I could cope with the question coming from others…as soon as I’ve […]

Jim Amos MD 7

Residents Getting Ready to Free Their Minds

So now that Windows 10 is out, I’ve been thinking more about continuous improvement in a different kind of way. Oh yeah, I remember Windows 95 and…Windows Me. I should probably reserve judgement on Windows 10 until after I’ve had a chance to get more familiar with it. And I’m not so sure about Cortana, […]

A couple of days ago; a little over 4 miles

The Delirium PIP Saga Continues…The Road to PreApproval

I just want to let you know I’ve not forgotten about the Delirium Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) Tool project that one of the residents and I have been working on. I just submitted the Individual Preapproval Request form outlining the general criteria and process for the project to the American Board of Psychiatry […]

Save Our Monarchs!

Save the Monarchs…And Save Grass Roots Movements

As I drove out to the hospital this morning, I carefully passed  a large group of RAGBRAI riders. They looked strong. Later my wife told me about the big grass roots movement to save the Monarch butterflies that I had managed somehow to overlook. Volunteers are asking the Iowa cyclists to distribute milkweed pods along […]

Alice after the walk

Have a Beautiful Day Gaming the MOC System

So if you haven’t seen my tweet about doctors being sorely and understandably tempted to game the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) component of the misguided component of this bewildering system, see below: I've told trainees about gaming the MOC system. Don't believe it happens? See Dr. Moreland's comment. — James […]

Jim Amos MD 7

The Saga of the Delirium MOC Performance in Practice Tool Begins

Unbelievable. I just saw Psych Practice blogger’s latest post on the issue of the chronic lack of relevance of most of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) assessment tools currently available. Psych Practice: Fascinating! OMG; unbelievable! I can at least find evid-based guidelines for […]


CPCP: Antisocial Personality Disorder by Medical Student Kirsten Goetz

Coming at you with another great Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation, this one by senior medical student, Kirsten Goetz. She is interested in pursuing a residency in either Dermatology or Anesthesia. The challenge of caring for patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) in the general hospital arises frequently, often because of the reckless […]


CPCP: Psychiatric Illness and The Right to Die

So the impetus for this Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) by Dr. Emily Morse, DO comes from her reading of a recent New Yorker article and a Psychiatric Times article about the subject of the right to die. Psychiatric consultants are asked to assist in situations like this (most often to diagnose psychiatric illness […]

Dr. Amos-Google

Where the Paths of Art and Science Intersect…

I noticed an email announcement about Robert Vijay Gupta, a violinist with the Los Angeles Symphony–and founder of the Street Symphony who will be speaking and playing at the upcoming Psych Congress meeting in September. The Medicine of Music Where the paths of art and science intersect, a new dendrite finds a way… — […]

Dr. Amos Red Pants Revolution

Getting Small Again About MOC

So I contacted a few people at PubMed and our university library…and a contact at the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) about this Maintenance of Certification (MOC) thing. I believe I’ve been assigned a person at ABPN who has a better than fair sense of humor and may have an affinity for rock […]

MBSR Fall 2015

New Mindfulness Programs: A Letter from Bev Klug

Hey, I got a new letter on upcoming mindfulness programs from Bev Klug and I’m passing them along. I’ve passed my year anniversary since graduating from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class. I want you to know that I focused repeatedly on my breath during the 3-4 hour wait for the Niagara Falls Cave of […]

Jim Amos MD 7

ABPN Not Ready to Change Evil Ways

I just got the message from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) yesterday: “ABPN Quarterly Update July 7, 2015 ~ Volume 1 ~ Number 2 ABPN Makes MOC Part IV Feedback Module Optional The ABPN Board of Directors has made the Feedback Module an OPTIONAL component of Part IV of its MOC Program.  […]

Niagara (7)

Inflicting The Niagara Falls Pics On You: Once In A Lifetime

“It’s once in a lifetime!” exclaimed my wife, Sena, as she also told me she’d already reserved a hotel and bought plane tickets for (what else?) a trip to Niagara Falls for the July 4th holiday just passed. Part of the reason I’ve not been posting in the last several days is that I sort […]

Luisella Magnani Poster Cardiff

Announcement: Prof. Luisella Magnani’s Cardiff Poster for 7th Annual Conference Paediatric Palliative Care

Professor Luisella Magnani was kind enough to send me her newest poster for the 7th International Cardiff Conference on Paediatric Palliative Care, which is being held from July 8-10, 2015 at Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom.   Be sure to read the history and achievements of the ICPCN! Thanks, Luisella, for your dedication and all of your […]

Save our sense of humor!!

Next Level Matball Trophy Pranking

It has come to my attention that departmental competitiveness has reached a new high since the triumph of the residents over faculty at the First Annual Psychiatry Department Matball Challenge and Potluck not long ago. Recall there were trophies, First Place for residents and Second Place for faculty. It turns out that the rivalry was not […]

Jim Amos MD 7

Crossroads for Maintenance of Certification?

So I see Dr. Nora, President and CEO of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) notices the “disconnect” rank and file physicians have relative to our view of Maintenance of Certification (MOC), reported on in a recent issue of Psychiatric News: ABMS President Defends MOC Part 4, Calls for Physician Engagement in Quality: Psychiatric […]

Pedometer 6.26.2015

Pedometer Daze or the 10,000 Hour Rule

This afternoon a colleague and I were talking about something or other and the topic turned to how many steps I take on a given day on the consult service. I minimized it. He also mentioned something about the significance of  the number 10,000, I guess as it might relate to gaining proficiency at anything, […]

graduation 6-15 - Copy

Congratulations, Dr. Paul Thisayakorn!

I just got word from Dr. Paul Thisayakorn, who previously graduated from our residency program, that he has now graduated from the year-long and very rigorous Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic on June 15, 2015. Paul plans to return to his native Thailand to continue his career by working in a private hospital […]


CPCP: Late Onset Bipolar Illness by Dr. Michele Morais

After the residents got back from taking the psychiatry consult service mascot Alice (and Clive) for a walk yesterday, Dr. Michele Morais delivered an excellent review of the limited literature on late onset bipolar disorder. It’s rare to see a manic episode in someone over fifty years old and it should always trigger a systematic […]

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What Psychiatrists Need to Know About Cardiac Devices: see slide 20 for quick tips on EKG measurements

GRECC Videos

Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Spectacular Video from the GRECC: Delirium, Quiet and Excited

Coming at you with another one of those pristine videos from the VA GRECC, and this one is about hypoactive and hyperactive delirium. This is an incredibly well-crafted educational resource and I thank Dr. Nina Tumosa, PhD for giving permission to post it. This is Delirium: Quiet and Excited, an educational video from the Department […]

Dr. Joseph Flaherty, MD

“TADA!” Tolerate, Anticipate, Don’t Agitate

“T-A-DA”stands for Tolerate behaviors that are challenging, but not dangerous; Anticipate needs of patients who are unable to communicate their needs; and Don’t Agitate patients who are cognitively incapable of processing the reasons why caregivers want to provide care for them which might be misunderstood. It’s taken from a paper written by Dr. Joseph Flaherty […]

Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Spectacular Video from the GRECC: Dementia with Agitation

This is one of those high-quality videos I posted about earlier, Spectacular Educational Videos by Department of Veterans Affairs « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D. and which Dr. Nina Tumosa, PhD gave permission to post. This is Dementia with Agitation, an educational video from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers […]

Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

A Spectacular Video from the GRECC: Agitation in the Older Nursing Home Resident

This is another one of those high-quality videos I posted about earlier, Spectacular Educational Videos by Department of Veterans Affairs « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D. and which Dr. Nina Tumosa, PhD gave permission to post. This is Agitated Behaviors in Older Nursing Home Residents, an educational video from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Geriatric […]

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