ACES Study: Guest Blog by Dr. Resmiye Oral

Dr. Resmiye Oral MD

The link, ACES Dr Resmiye Oral blog takes you to an outstanding guest blog by a colleague in The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Department of Pediatrics about the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study which Dr. Oral presented at a recent Pediatrics Department Grand Rounds conference. Dr. Oral’s presentation builds on that of the physicians […]

My Letter to Iowa Congressmen to Oppose MOL


I just sent the email letter below to my state congressmen about supporting lifelong learning and opposing Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) in Iowa. I’m urging other physicians who care about lifelong learning and high-quality patient care to consider writing similar letters to their state legislators. Dear Iowa Senators and Representatives, I’m a psychiatrist at The […]

An Update on Medical Marijuana in Iowa

medical marijuana

You may remember the issue of medical marijuana in Iowa from a previous post. I just got an update on the issue in an e-mail message from the Iowa Medical Society (IMS) recently, PRN: Medical Cannibidiol Use Considered by General Assembly via #constantcontact medical marijuan law in Iowa?— James Amos (@jamostheelder) April 16, 2014 […]

Uncertainty and Complexity in the Practice of Medicine: What Keeps Us Going?


I ran across a blog post by Psych Practice which speaks to the tolerance of uncertainty which so many of us, including yours truly, find difficult to tolerate. This coincides with my efforts to wrap my head around the complexity of being a doctor these days and the fear and loathing the field seems to ignite. And […]

LSD and Psychotherapy for Anxiety Related to Life-Threatening Illness


I found this interesting article on the first study in 40 years to use LSD to facilitate psychotherapy in patients suffering from anxiety related to being faced with a life-threatening illness [1]. There were only 12 subjects, so it’s hard to generalize much, but none of them had a bad trip. According to the introduction, […]