Residents Getting Ready to Free Their Minds

Jim Amos MD 7

So now that Windows 10 is out, I’ve been thinking more about continuous improvement in a different kind of way. Oh yeah, I remember Windows 95 and…Windows Me. I should probably reserve judgement on Windows 10 until after I’ve had a chance to get more familiar with it. And I’m not so sure about Cortana, […]

The Delirium PIP Saga Continues…The Road to PreApproval

A couple of days ago; a little over 4 miles

I just want to let you know I’ve not forgotten about the Delirium Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) Tool project that one of the residents and I have been working on. I just submitted the Individual Preapproval Request form outlining the general criteria and process for the project to the American Board of Psychiatry […]

Save the Monarchs…And Save Grass Roots Movements

Save Our Monarchs!

As I drove out to the hospital this morning, I carefully passed  a large group of RAGBRAI riders. They looked strong. Later my wife told me about the big grass roots movement to save the Monarch butterflies that I had managed somehow to overlook. Volunteers are asking the Iowa cyclists to distribute milkweed pods along […]

Have a Beautiful Day Gaming the MOC System

Alice after the walk

So if you haven’t seen my tweet about doctors being sorely and understandably tempted to game the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) component of the misguided component of this bewildering system, see below: I've told trainees about gaming the MOC system. Don't believe it happens? See Dr. Moreland's comment. — James […]

The Saga of the Delirium MOC Performance in Practice Tool Begins

Jim Amos MD 7

Unbelievable. I just saw Psych Practice blogger’s latest post on the issue of the chronic lack of relevance of most of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Performance in Practice (PIP) assessment tools currently available. Psych Practice: Fascinating! OMG; unbelievable! I can at least find evid-based guidelines for […]