CPCP: Charles Bonnet Syndrome by Medical Students


Well, we have another great presentation from our Clinical Problems in Clinical Psychiatry (CPCP) conference. This is from a stellar couple of senior medical students, Rolly Holcomb and Trevin Hayward. They both are going into Radiology residency programs. I could tell they worked hard on this one. “Please evaluate hallucinations” is not an uncommon question […]

Update on Delirium and Dementia Lecture for Medical Students

Watch out, now!

This is just an update to the lecture I give to medical students about delirium and dementia. Every time I give the talk, I think of some way to improve it while I’m presenting. By the way, I always tell medical students that I generally let them perform the bedside screen for delirium. This is […]

Earth Day Activism a Model for Physicians Supporting Lifelong Learning?

earth day

This is Earth Day and I marvel at the energy and passion of activism for changing the politics which interferes with efforts to preserve the planet. It makes me wonder, though, why doctors and patients don’t seem to have as much appetite for activism to fight for genuine lifelong learning and oppose wasteful activities like […]

Update on Entrustable Professional Activities for the Psychiatry Consult Service

Dr. Nancy William, MD

This is just an update on the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) project that our Clinical Excellence Committee has been working on. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our residency directors took my very rough draft of my imperfect understanding of the EPA (which I outlined in an EPA post) idea to a recent annual […]

IRB Opinion on Randomise Me Trial for Epic Delirium Order Set


I thought it might be fun to let you guys know how my Institutional Review Board (IRB) evaluation went for my proposed randomized trial regarding our Epic Delirium Order Set quality improvement study, which I’ve posted about previously. A couple of my colleagues thought the safest course would be to make sure this project wouldn’t […]