Clozapine REMS Program Essentials

Dr. Jim Amos

I’ve been looking at the FDA web links to educate myself about the new Clozapine Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program. Here’s a list of important links: The REMS website where you can see the “No blood, no drug” welcome logo; seriously there is an FDA Black Box Warning about severe neutropenia which clozapine can cause. […]

Clozapine REMS Materials


This is just a quick announcement on the FDA’s new Clozapine Risk Evaluation and Management Strategy (REMS) program beginning soon. For the gunner docs in the country, here are the REMS Materials. For some reason there’s not an obvious link on the FDA page about it. The REMS materials, of course, “teach to the test” because […]

CPCP: Psychiatric Polypharmacy

Halloween Bat

This is another short Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP), this time on polypharmacy in psychiatry, which can be a potentially deadly problem. It doesn’t mean that polypharmacy is always wrong. In fact, in general medicine it’s not an unusual practice. It’s true that in psychiatry, I see a fair number of cases in which […]

CPCP: Delirium Associated with Baclofen Withdrawal

Front garden

This is a short Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) on the topic of baclofen withdrawal associated delirium. One of the medical students, Daniel Fox, found the article for this post.There are a number of uncommon medical problems that can precipitate delirium, which can mimic a lot of primary mental disorders. Delirium associated with baclofen […]

Mascot Muse

Dr. Jim Amos and Alice with Clive reinvigorated

OK, so maybe another requiem is in order for the passing of yet another psychiatry consult service mascot, alas, Alice and Clive. Please, no keening. I’m reminded of Nigella, who met the same end. The latest post about mascots triggered a suggestion for replacing Alice with a panda–named Bamboo. There used to be a box […]