That’s Why We’re Here

Poo Pourri 3

So my wife got this new stuff called “Poo Pourri” which is something you pour into your toilet bowl before you poop and some fancy surface chemistry later–nothing in the wind. It’s a little like taking Beanos before a meal that might make you gassy and break wind, preventive medicine so to speak. There’s even […]

ICPCN NOW Campaign: A Letter from Luisella

ICPCN NOW Campaign logo

I just received this message from Dr. Luisella Magnani about the International Children’s Palliative Care Network NOW Campaign for children with life limiting conditions (click in the gallery to enlarge): See the announcement by Joan Marston, CEO of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network, and more about the NOW campaign in the tweet below: The […]

Storyshucker Stu Perkins On The Magic Happens Radio Talk Show

Save Our Monarchs!

So I had to rush home today from my office to hear Stu Perkins (Storyshucker) on the Magic Happens radio show. I only missed a few minutes but was able to catch everything because it’s recorded, of course. Listening to Storyshucker Stu Perkins on Tell Me a Story by The Magic Happens Hey, listen […]

American Delirium Society Annual Meeting 2016!

American Delirium Society

This is a shout-out about the American Delirium Society (ADS) 2016 meeting, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee June 1-3, 2016. The theme is “Improving Care Through the Integration of Science and Policy.” Those interested in presenting can download  the call for proposals here. Proposals for symposia, workshops and roundtables should be submitted by September 14, […]

Demoralization: What If Antidepressants Are Not The Final Answer?

Owl winking

So I watched a very interesting show about owls and how well adapted they are to their environment, specifically as predators. Their eyes take up a lot more space than brain in their skulls compared to humans and their hearing is aided by their satellite dish shaped head feather arrangement. Further, they can fly silently, […]