Uncertainty and Complexity in the Practice of Medicine: What Keeps Us Going?


I ran across a blog post by Psych Practice which speaks to the tolerance of uncertainty which so many of us, including yours truly, find difficult to tolerate. This coincides with my efforts to wrap my head around the complexity of being a doctor these days and the fear and loathing the field seems to ignite. And […]

LSD and Psychotherapy for Anxiety Related to Life-Threatening Illness


I found this interesting article on the first study in 40 years to use LSD to facilitate psychotherapy in patients suffering from anxiety related to being faced with a life-threatening illness [1]. There were only 12 subjects, so it’s hard to generalize much, but none of them had a bad trip. According to the introduction, […]

The Maudsley Debate: CBT for Psychosis Oversold?


http://podcast.ulcc.ac.uk/accounts/kings/IoP_server_migration/140410_WAT_xROOM_CA01_MAUDSLEY_VIDEO_RECODE_x264.mp4 The video above is from the 50th Maudsley Debate in London, the index for which you can find here. I’ve never heard of the Maudsley Debates until I got an email about this one, “CBT for Psychosis Is Oversold: This House Believes that CBT for Psychosis is Oversold.” CBT stands for “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. ” […]

Please Help Josie D’agostino


Josie's Open Heart Surgery Bills lnkd.in/bX_7kNq— James Amos (@jamostheelder) April 10, 2014 This is just a short announcement supporting Josie D’agostino’s GoFundMe campaign to help defray the costs of her open heart surgery. Josie is a former member of our Psychiatry Department and helped make our department web site what it is. She also helped […]

Just Another Reminder: Answer Question 31 on Physician Acceptability Survey on MOL

Dr. Jim Amos redpantsredsox

OK, this is just another reminder that the so-called Physician Acceptability Survey, part of the Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) implementation pilot project by the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) will be open until April 21, 2014. In my opinion, it would be dangerous for Iowans if MOL were adopted, which would tie medical licensure to Maintenance […]