These Socks Are Your Socks…

Darn Tough Socks 3

This is a follow up to my sock post from yesterday, for which I’m sure you’re all clamoring. A blogger named Jnana Hodson suggested I check out Darn Tough Socks. Visit his blog. At first I wondered if Bernie Sanders buys his socks there, since the outfit that produces them is in Vermont. But then I discovered […]

Socks On The Party Line

Dr. Amos on smartphone

  Remember all those gorgeous new socks I got for Christmas? I wear them one day and I have to throw them out because they get holes in the toes. One day! At first I thought it was because I run around all over the hospital including up and down an average of 18 stairs. […]

CPCP: Preventing PTSD by Dr. Emily Morse


The Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation was given by  resident psychiatrist Dr. Emily Morse, DO and was about prevention of Posttraumatic stressor disorder (PTSD) by using specific medications. One of the reasons I was curious about this turned out to be based on a wrong assumption. Our burn surgeons are very interested in […]

What I Did In Another Life

Surveyor reel steel tape

One of the residents told me that our residency program director had asked him to ask me what I did before residency. I guess they’re both curious. Here’s a link to Dr. Amos in a previous life. OK, so it’s an old blog post but it’s really the best answer to their question. I actually was […]

Work Together to Reduce Physician Burnout

Retirement book

I’m pretty sure many of you are getting ominous mail from AARP, Inc. (or the artist formerly known as Prince…oops, I mean, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons): “Our records show that you haven’t yet registered for the valuable benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible because you are a […]