Medical Student Survey and Delirium Screening Scale Poll to Close

The Delirium Screening Scale Poll will close today because our delirium prevention project committee has chosen a delirium screening scale, the Delirium Observation Screening Scale (DOSS). The Medical Student Survey will also close today. There were only 3 respondents, all were 3rd year medical students and all were undecided about whether they would want to be […]

Taking Aim at Polypharmacy

What a relief to see a rational editorial about psychiatric polypharmacy in the April, 2011 issue of Current Psychiatry. Please see link Subtypes.pdf. I especially enjoyed Dr. Nasrallah’s debunking of what is a disturbingly common prescribing practice, in the category he calls “Ridiculous polypharmacy”[1]. The antipsychotic polypharmacy, including up to 6 antipsychotics, is rightfully […]

The Beauty and Power of Constructive Feedback Revisited

Because the comments from Dr. E. Wesley Ely will probably be lost when subsequent comments collect we thought it would be critical to get his comments into a post, which will be more visible. Therefore, I’m essentially copying the post from April 28, 2011 and inserting his comments as I originally intended. I got a […]

The Sweet 16 Abduction Revisited

This is really not so much about the Sweet 16 as it is about similarities between copyrighted materials and collaboration versus competition as a model for getting high quality medical care to patients.  I just happened to notice the other day as I was searching through PubMed that something called the Cognitive Test for Delirium […]

The Beauty and Power of Constructive Feedback

I got a message from a colleague today about my blog posts. I haven’t specifically talked about blogging and I’m a newcomer to this anyway, so what do I know about it? But back in late December of 2010 when I made a commitment to daily posts about issues in Psychosomatic Medicine, my intention was […]