Space Captain: learning to live together through the years

Here’s why I like the song called “Space Captain” in the video above. It reminds me of the necessity of learning to live together, which is what I always think the title of the song ought to be. This song has been covered by many artists. It’s longevity must have a good reason. I think […]

Changing Your Psychiatric Practice is Not Like Changing Your Jacket

The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine is “Psychosomatic Medicine: Innovation and Opportunity in Community Practice Settings”. It’s in Phoenix in November; see the announcement by clicking on the link in the menu above. I plan to attend as I do almost every year. I’ve had my own very […]

More on Maintenance of Certification and Performance in Practice

I just read the article in the June issue of Psychiatric Times, “Board Certification: Two Perspectives” [1]. The authors seem to have opposing views about the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and Performance in Practice (PIP) although I’m not sure they resolved them in the article. I believe both the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) […]

Evaluation and Management of Delirium in the Older Person in the Outpatient Setting: multimedia presentation, U of Iowa Usually we’re focused on evaluating and managing delirium in the hospitalized patients. This particular multimedia presentation from the University of Iowa’s Dr. Jose Ness introduces and guides us through the steps needed to detect delirium in the older outpatient and outlines in detail what interventions to undertake. Experiment with web browsers to see which […]

Don’t Just Do Something; Sit There

I just read Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s on-line article about his friend, Nick Charles, dying of metastatic cancer (link It’s really hard to just be with someone who is slowly dying and aware of it…and in his right mind. It’s unimaginably more difficult when the cancer spreads to the brain and alters the person affected […]