Evaluation and Management of Delirium in the Older Person in the Outpatient Setting: multimedia presentation, U of Iowa


Usually we’re focused on evaluating and managing delirium in the hospitalized patients. This particular multimedia presentation from the University of Iowa’s Dr. Jose Ness introduces and guides us through the steps needed to detect delirium in the older outpatient and outlines in detail what interventions to undertake. Experiment with web browsers to see which ones might work best; options include Firefox, IE 9, Google Chrome, and Safari. What’s nice about this presentation is the immediate feedback to the learner in response to answers he/she gives to quiz questions. It shows you how to complete the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) for the simulated patient. You can even order lab tests. The lesson emphasizes that evaluation and management of straightforward delirium should be within the purview of the general internist. Further, this is a very nice presentation of the importance of interdisciplinary management of delirium including social worker, physical therapist, and physician.

Author: Jim Amos

Dr. James J. Amos is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the UI Carver College of Medicine at The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Dr. Amos received a B. S. degree in Distributed Studies (Zoology, Chemistry, and Microbiology) in 1985 from Iowa State University and an M.D. from The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa in 1992. He completed his psychiatry residency, including a year as Chief Resident, in 1996 at the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Iowa. He has co-edited a practical book about consultation psychiatry with Dr. Robert G. Robinson entitled Psychosomatic Medicine: An Introduction to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. As a clinician educator, among Dr. Amos’s most treasured achievements is the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award.