Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Upcoming Meeting in Phoenix!

You know, it’s too bad I won’t be able to attend the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) Annual Meeting in November in Phoenix, AZ this year. Hey, we’re probably going to be too busy moving. But the Preliminary Program is up on the web site at A very interesting course on medical hypnosis is being offered, and I bet I know who is going to be teaching it. There was a very interesting article in this month’s issue of Psychiatric News about an interview with Dr. Jose Maldonado, M.D. and his expertise in hypnosis [1]. I recall he gave a presentation at last year’s Annual Meeting in Florida. He promised at the beginning of the workshop to demonstrate hypnosis on a willing audience member (I was planning to slip out) but never got to it because his main lecture ran too long. A quote from Dr. Maldonado in the Psychiatric News article is intriguing: “A wart removed by hypnosis never comes back”. And hypnosis can’t turn you into a chicken either.

There will be an APM Happy Hour, which I’ll let you speculate about. The Canyon Run might be for the more athletic members. There’s even a session for Yoga. There’s a symposium I’m really going to regret missing and that’s “Acute Alcohol Withdrawal: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature, Clinical Pitfalls, And a New Symptom-Driven Treatment Approach”.

This year, Dr. William Breitbart, M.D. will be giving the prestigious Eleanor & Thomas P. Hackett Memorial Award Lecture. For a sample of his erudition, see Dr. Breitbart’s video series in this blog space at shortlink

There’ll  be opportunities for meditation and horse-back riding, probably not at the same time, though. And Dr. Roger Kathol will be presenting Plenary Lecture III. Learn more about Roger at his web site for both/and thinking about medical and psychiatric issues,

Don’t miss it!

1. Arehart-Treichel, J., Psychiatrist Tries to Influence Perceptions About Hypnosis, in Psychiatric News2011, American Psychiatric Association: Arlington, Va.