Violence Against Hospital Caregivers: Do We Need a Patient Whisperer?

I recently viewed the story from AMA Morning Rounds about violence against hospital caregivers, which is common California and around the country, including Iowa. It’s hard to say whether it’s increasing over time because there’s no data being collected about occurrence rates. Hospital employee union are pushing for broader protections. Enter Horse Therapy, which I […]

Leaders in Psychosomatic Medicine: Dr. Thomas W. Heinrich, MD

I touch base occasionally with a hard-working Psychosomaticist up in Milwaukee. He’s actually double-boarded in internal medicine and psychiatry, just an awesome thinker and teacher. Dr. Thomas Heinrich, M.D. is an extremely productive Director of the Division of Psychosomatic Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He’s also Chief of the Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service […]

The IOWA Challenge

Pursuant to yesterday’s post, “A Feather in Your Cap”, (see at shortlink which is about sharing accountability for meeting the challenges in health care improvement and beyond, I thought it might be nice to extend the discussion by sharing what is called The IOWA Challenge here at The University of Iowa. In brief, the IOWA Challenge is […]

A Feather in Your Cap

A number of us were recently promoted to the rank of Professor and we each received a handsome plaque decorated with a single feather along with the inscription “Congratulations on the latest feather in your cap!” This figurative way to celebrate singular individual achievement has been around a long time. Since the plaques were hand-made by […]

Leaders in Psychosomatic Medicine: Dr. Andrea DiMartini, MD

Did you wonder where I got most of the data in the post on organ transplant? Dr. Andrea DiMartini’s work in liver transplantation is nothing short of phenomenal. She was one of the 2008 winners of the APM Visiting Professorship Award; she was sponsored by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She’ll be […]