The Sweet 16 is Gone, Gone Away

I see that people are still reading posts about the Sweet 16 from way back. It feels kind of nostalgic. But, sentimental memories aside, the Sweet 16 is gone, gone away. The Sweet 16 was a free and open access brief cognitive assessment that, once upon a time you could find at the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) web site. In fact, at the site you can still find what amounts to its headstone in the form of a tab link to a message:

In response to a demand from Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc (PAR), and without admission of any liability, the Sweet 16 instrument has been removed from the website and is no longer available for dissemination.

We deeply regret any inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer any further questions about the Sweet 16.

Your understanding in this matter is deeply appreciated.

The Sweet 16 was probably the subject of a copyright dispute between the authors of the tool and Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR), Inc., which holds the copyright to a similar instrument, the MMSE-2 Brief Version (it has 16 items)…which is available for purchase only. I’ve posted quite a few times about this issue, so I admit I’m probably partly to blame for the continuing interest in the story. There are now so many posts about it, I encourage readers to just type “sweet 16” in the search box if they want to read more about it. It was a great open access tool for help in identifying patients at risk for delirium.

But the Sweet 16 is gone, gone away. Hey, you can get the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) for free at link