Delirium Resources on the Fly: NICE Guidelines (and they are nice)

ADDENDUM: Apparently the NICE Guidelines are being reorganized into a new format. The links have been updated both within this post and in the Blogroll.

Over the holidays, I realize that people have more important things to do…like buy my late holiday gifts (my favorite color is blue). Here’s a link to a Powerpoint delirium slide set clinicians can use to educate stakeholders about delirium, You should download the set first and then open it because they might not appear properly within your web browser. Here’s a screen shot of what you’ll be getting:

Delirium slide set sample screenshot

You can edit the slides to make them fit the needs of your organization. There are lots of other educational and implementation resources for delirium prevention at the NICE site, which is also under my Blogroll as well. Good hunting (for both delirium resources and my gift, of course).

ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, it looks like the slide set file has been deleted from the NICE site. I’ve sent an email message about it to NICE. See the main page –J. Amos 11/10/2016