Delirium Awareness Workshop Tools from NICE Guidelines

ADDENDUM: Apparently the NICE Guidelines are being reorganized into a new format. The links have been updated both within this post and in the Blogroll.

This is another very short post on delirium educational tools, at the NICE link, It will take you to the NICE Guideline resource and it’s Delirium Workshop toolkit. It can be edited and there’s a raft of educational materials in it including a session plan. All in all, it’s an outstanding resource and will give you something to do in-between times you’re looking for that extra-special post-holiday gift for me. I’m out of solid gold lawn statuary for the back 40, just as a friendly hint.

ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, it looks like the delirium awareness workshop tools file has been deleted from the NICE site. I’ve sent an email message about it to NICE. See the main page –J. Amos 11/10/2016

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