Professor EBM on Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

The Professor EBM video is a quick and thorough training tool for teaching doctors in training how to manage delirium, not just alcohol withdrawal delirium. And they don’t even mention calling a psychiatric consultant (which occurs often in many hospitals). Instead the clinical case conference discussant, Dr. Dennis Low, MD, starts by mentioning that it is the “medicine consult service” that is called to assist in managing a difficult delirium case. As a psychiatric consultant, I’ve encountered alcohol withdrawal delirium in the general hospital, though not as often as I’ve found delirium from multiple causes misdiagnosed as alcohol withdrawal delirium. The video above does a very nice job of presenting a thorough approach to evaluating delirium in the hospitalized patient, especially when there may be pressure from nurses and physicians to treat a delirious patient for complicated alcohol withdrawal (also known as Delirium Tremens) in the setting of a complex clinical presentation. Professor EBM and the trainees do a nice job of using the medical literature to inform their medical-decision making, and the relevant references are flashed on the screen to drive home critically important points.

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    1. I am so thrilled to hear from you, and I can’t thank you and Dr. Dennis Low enough for this wonderful teaching video that is so vital to doctors’ training and continuing education at every level!

      Best wishes,

      Jim Amos, MD


  1. Are you familiar with the NNT blog?

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