The Geezer Goes Hollywood

So the Geezer finally goes Hollywood (or haywire depending on your view) with my first YouTube video purporting to be educational but managing to be just a bit more pathetically comical than Red Skelton’s Freddy the Freeloader routine. My wife really could appreciate my acting talent, at least I think she could; it was a little hard to tell from all the hysterical laughing. You can help me improve on subsequent videos, no you don’t have a vote on this, by sending suggestions for improving video quality, sound, lighting, jokes, and props. The opinions expressed are my open and certainly open to debate. I purchased a video camera that will happily spare the viewing (and suffering) public to no probably no more than 30 minutes of solid Geezer entertainment, I mean education. I’ll probably have to get some advice from some of the residents about how to make blockbuster, drama-packed feature film quality productions like the one about the Mini-Cog by Drs. Alex Gamble and Paul Thisayakorn, which I have firmly nailed to my home page.

Wait’ll you hear my cover of the Cover of the Rolling Stone.

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