Pocket Cards for Delirium Prevention, Thanks to AGS and CCSMH!–Update Feb. 17, 2018

February 17, 2018 Update: Mea culpa for a long overdue update to this post. The link to the AGS Beers list 2012 has been updated on the AGS site. Please go to this link. Note there is a $5 charge for the 2015 digital format for non-AGS members (free to members) and a $35 charge for pocket cards in units of 25 cards to non-AGS members ($25 to members). In either case, you’ll need to register with AGS website to access the list. Below you’ll find the 2012 Beers list, which I could not find on the AGS website although it’s still available by searching the web. There is a 2017 list of high-risk drugs from PriorityHealth, which is a Michigan-based health insurance company.–J. Amos, MD

In my opinion, the images shown below of suggested pocket cards for prevention and management of delirium and for monitoring and avoiding potentially harmful drugs in older adults are top-notch. Don’t just let them gather lint; take them out and look at them at least once a day to remind yourselves of your commitment to preventing delirium in all patients.They are from the American Geriatric Society and the Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health, the links to which are:


http://ccsmh.ca/projects/delirium/  [Updated link on 11/15/2016–J.A.]