What We Have Here is a Reminder to Communicate

Leadership is a choice, not a position–Stephen R. Covey In any large organization, communication challenges will frequently be the most important barrier to promoting collaboration amongst all stakeholders towards alignment with the organization’s vision and mission. It’s vitally important for leaders to listen to the rank and file and to share concerns about all major obstacles […]

Another Strike Against Benzodiazepines

I just saw new data about the risk of benzodiazepines this time when used in polypharmacy with patients who have schizophrenia. The conclusion is that benzodiazepines added to other drugs may lead to higher mortality in this patient population [1].  This is yet another strike against benzodiazepines (see short link http://wp.me/p1glcu-2sV).  Although antipsychotic polytherapy was not associated […]