What We Have Here is a Reminder to Communicate

Leadership is a choice, not a position–Stephen R. Covey

In any large organization, communication challenges will frequently be the most important barrier to promoting collaboration amongst all stakeholders towards alignment with the organization’s vision and mission. It’s vitally important for leaders to listen to the rank and file and to share concerns about all major obstacles to achieving important goals. If a sweeping change in policy will affect a large group of an organization’s constituents, then it would make sense to alert them about it early. Sitting down and discussing the change together far in advance of the anticipated restructuring and procedural systems updates sends a clear message to everyone that the leaders care, are forward thinking, treasure integrity, and respect the people who really are the lifeblood of the organization. Leaders may assume they know what’s in the best long-term interests of the group. They may make decisions without announcing their best intentions and clarifying where the decisions fit in the big picture. This can result in unintended consequences, which can injure the trust constituents have in their leaders. More importantly, they could miss the golden opportunity to tap into their collective wisdom–which might have produced collective understanding, a practical solution, and acceptance of painful but necessary burdens.

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