Maintenance of Certification According to Some APA Assembly Delegates

Well, time to sound off about my favorite pet peeve, the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and Performance in Practice (PIP) requirements for psychiatrists. The poll is still open and will be on the Welcome Page. There are no votes yet, which is a little surprising in light of an article I saw in the June 15, 2012 issue of Psychiatric News, link PsychiatryOnline | Psychiatric News | News Article [1]. The item clearly identified the MOC as a jugular issue amongst most psychiatrists. And most of us believe that the PIP patient feedback module is one of the more problematic components. There is “continuing opposition” to this and other facets of the MOC/PIP according to the study, which detailed the activities of the delegates’ agenda at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Assembly meeting in May of 2012.

My latest post about this was the one which presented the poll above:

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Poll, Anyone? « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D.

An excerpt from one of my posts about what the ABPN really says about the patient feedback exercise is:

The reply to a question about whether or not a diplomate could be excused from getting patient feedback was interesting. I get the impression that your patients would have to be comatose to be excused from this requirement but that you could also get the feedback from a “surrogate” such as a family member. The other point made was that you don’t have to act on any critical patient feedback to improve, all the ABPN asks is that you be able to show you asked for the feedback. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? If there is no enforcement for improvement, this begins to sound like busy work. Moreover, the ABPN also points out that we should ask for “suggestions” on how to improve our practice yet their own form has no space for actual suggestions–it’s a fill-in-the-oval document without space for comments or actual feedback.

The excerpt is from the post about one of the ABPN’s webinars, which are in fact informative and helpful. You can read the full post and view the webinar at link, ABPN Webinar on the MOC Program for Psychiatrists and Neurologists, Part III « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D.

1. Hausman, K. (2012). MOC Among Top Issues Taken on by Assembly. Psychiatric News, American Psychiatric Association. Improving access to care and expressing continuing opposition to facets of the maintenance of certification process were high on the agenda for delegates at last month’s APA Assembly meeting.

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