Spectacular Video from the GRECC: Agitation in the Hospitalized Older Patient

This is another one of those high-quality videos I posted about earlier, Spectacular Educational Videos by Department of Veterans Affairs « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D. and which Dr. Nina Tumosa, PhD gave permission to post.

This is Agitated Behaviors in Older Hospitalized Patients, an educational video from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers (GRECC). The copyright owner is Professor Nina Tumosa, Ph.D., Co-Director of Gateway Geriatric Education Center and she is with the Dept. of Internal Medicine in the Division of Geriatric Medicine at St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Tumosa has given permission for this video to be posted on YouTube. Avatar created the video to Dr. Tumosa’s specifications and she was the Executive Producer.  Learn more about the GRECC at http://www.va.gov/grecc/.

Dr. Nina Tumosa is a visual neuroscientist who is currently pursuing two lines of research. First, she is doing translational research on assessing the neurocognitive status of aging veterans. Second, she does evaluative research on institutional emergency preparedness for the older person.

Other contributors include Dr. Joseph Flaherty, M.D., St. Louis Univ School of Medicine; Dr. Barbara Kamholz, M.D., Durham VA Medical Center; and Sharon Gordon, Psy.D., VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System.

I first learned about these videos from Dr. Flaherty and Dr. Sharon Gordon when we met at the American Delirium Society (ADS) 2nd Annual Conference in early June, 2012 in Indianapolist, Indiana. That was a great time and a great learning experience. You should consider joining. Learn more about ADS at their web site, American Delirium Society.

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    1. Thanks, Kathy! This latest set of videos I just found out about at the American Delirium Society (ADS) 2nd Annual Conference in June 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have Nina Tumosa, PhD; Joseph Flaherty, MD; Barbara Kamholz, MD; Sharon Gordy, PsyD, and others to thank. This was sponsored by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers (GRECC). I also have our UIHC staff to thank for making the videos YouTube ready so we can offer them free and open access.




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