He’s Walking: Wonderful Photos from Michael Lai, RetireeDiary Blog

I just saw some spectacular pictures of a blogger retiree, Michael Lai, retireediary, About « retireediary; he is making the absolute most of his retirement. It looks like he walks everywhere and he snaps the most captivating photographs which chronicle his journey. I didn’t even consider trying to copy one of his pictures; you’ll just have to see them for yourselves on his blog. Blogging is a new adventure for Michael, partly because English is not his native language. However, he does a very fine job.
His walking is great exercise and is a great response to the “sitting disease” many of us, including me, are prone to. Sitting too much is hazardous for your health as Dr. Jason Powers describes at University of Iowa link,  ‘Sitting disease’ « Health at Iowa.

As I age, I think about retiring as well. When I do, I hope to be half as active as Michael. Exercising is great for psychological as well as physical health and well-being. Although I do a lot of walking all over the hospital as a psychiatric consultant (I’m a Road Runner « The Practical Psychosomaticist: James Amos, M.D.), I can’t hold a candle to Michael!

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