On the Contemplative Life: A Message from Virtue Medicine, P.C.

Every time I get a newsletter from my friend and colleague, Janeta Tansey-Fong, M.D., Ph.D., about the steady growth of Virtue Medicine, P.C., Virtue Medicine, I am further encouraged that I too can quit the battlefield for a while. Her message itself is sanctuary,

Dr. Janeta Fong Tansey, MD, PhD

“The contemplative life is as diverse and rich as pure humanity. What elasticity there is in human intention . . . to wonder, to ask, to see, to seek, to listen, to know, and to awaken! And how imaginative the forms we create to hold our intentions!

Awaken your inner life. Come PLAY with us!”

There is another path besides the one scarring the field of thunder where swords flash and armor clangs about us as we fall. Just knowing that another way exists is not enough. Virtue Medicine is flourishing; you’ve only to peek at the class offerings to see how much, Classes in Contemplative Arts at Virtue Medicine. There’s something for everyone, even Latin dance.