Top-Level Integrated Care at Iowa River Landing?

Well, we made it to the open house tour of the new primary and speciality care clinic, The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Iowa River Landing, located at 105 East 9th St. in Coralville, Iowa, conveniently just off Interstate 80 (exit 242) with free on-site parking, Iowa River Landing. I think many are already starting to shorten the name to the catchier “IRL”. The place is gorgeous and very patient-friendly, easy to get around, and decorated with unbelievably gorgeous art, UIHC, Iowa River Landing Art.  I was especially interested in seeing IRL because, although there will be psychiatric services in the Women’s Wellness Clinic there, I wanted to touch base with the Medical Director, Dr. Rami Boutros, MD about the vision for future expansion of mental health services in view of the evidence for pursuit of integrated care as a way of enhancing UIHC’s highest quality patient-centered and team-based collaborative care to patients. There are 3 levels open so far. On Level 1, we saw the pharmacy, radiology services, and the Cardiovascular Health, Assessment, Management, and Prevention Services (CHAMPS), all comfortably navigable and open to the light streaming in from cathedral-size windows.

On Level 2 we found General Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology and the Optical Shop.  And on Level 3 we viewed the offices and facilities for Dermatology, Heart and Vascular Surgery, and Women’s Health (Obstetrics & Gynecology) Women’s Wellness. Primary Care General Internal Medicine will also be available at IRL. I discovered that Level 5, another floor at IRL, is not yet earmarked for occupancy. I imagine Level 5 is the top-level and I was struck by the metaphor this suggested about the potential for top-level integrated care for patients.

The IRL administrative leadership team was there, including Executive Medical Director, Dr. Rami Boutros, MD; Director of Clinical Functions, Steven L. Woodward; and Nursing Director, Bonnie Wagner, RN.   I had a quick chat with Dr. Boutros, who was very generous with his limited time–the tour drew an enormous crowd; there was even face-painting and little souvenir footballs for the kids.

I hope to have more to say about the vision for top-level integrated care at IRL in the future.