Oxytocin and Antisocial Personality Disorder: CPCP by Medical Student Christine Petersen

We think about ways to continuously improve our Psychiatry Consultation service and one of them is to have a weekly case conference, the Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP). It’s our quality improvement process to emphasize the core competency of Practice-Based Learning and Improvement. We pick an interesting and challenging situation that leads to a question which can be answered by looking at the medical literature for guidance, either from recent reviews or controlled studies. It gives us a chance to bring our knowledge base and skill set up to speed. Usually a resident or medical student picks the case and formulates a question, then does quick PubMed literature search.

This is a Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation by 3rd year medical student, Christine Petersen, who happens to be interested in pursuing a residency in surgery. Her presentation was about oxytocin and antisocial personality disorder. No studies have been done testing the effect of intranasal oxytocin on persons with ASPD. This presentation covered some basic background and other studies which may have implications about the question of what effects intranasal oxytocin might have on healthy volunteers appraisal of victims of crime as compared to their appraisal of the perpetrators of crime. This post is a companion to the post on 11/1/2012 on treating alcohol withdrawal with intranasal oxytocin.

In order to see the gallery, click on the one of the slides, which will open up the presentation to fill the screen. Use the arrow button to scroll left and right through the slides or up and down to view the annotations.

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