Maintenance of Licensure or Patients: Gotta Serve Somebody



I received a web link recently about organized opposition to the Maintenance of Licensure (MOL); go to Maintenance of Certification: Good or Bad? | IP4PI – Independent Physicians for Patient independence. The web site IP4PI is also in the menu below the header on my blog site.

In my opinion, the MOL and the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) are really about deciding which master physicians want to serve, the so-called “non-profit” boards or our patients. You’re gonna serve somebody.


IP4PI – Independent Physicians for Patient independence | Independent physicians for patient independence deny insurance and government limitations on patient care.



  1. THe BOards have gone beyond simple board certification (BC). MOC is now much more than simply “attaining consultant status”, it is a mony making scam. The ABMS is little more than a fraternity/sorority where members have privileges and use never ending indoctrination (profitable) hazing!
    MOL is just one more further attempt to legislate this hazing for all physicians to secure the profits. There is no proof that certification does anything. Quoting the ABMS directly:
    ABMS: ‘FACT: ABMS recognizes that regardless of the profession – whether it is health care, law enforcement, education or accounting there is no certification that guarantees performance or positive outcomes’.
    from:Myths & Facts.


  2. IP4PI is Independent Physicians for Patient Independence promotes freemarket healthcare individual healthfreedom. We are physicians serving patients, not healthinsurance companies, specialty governing boards, EHR IT industry, and most certainly, not federal or state governments. Patients are #1. Thank you for the honorable mention of our Facebook page and blog;


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