Feelin’ Alright About Marijuana?

OK, what’s the deal? I found conflicting news in AMA MorningRounds within days of each other. One item revealed a recent poll showed 52% of Americans support legalizing the use of marijuana. Many wonder whether the Department of Justice will uphold Federal statutes outlawing marijuana. Many believe the uptick in support for legalizing marijuana is driven by younger Americans, and Baby Boomers are even more supportive. Some speculate that most of us no longer see marijuana as a gateway drug, leading to the use of more dangerous substances, like maybe synthetic marijuana ( K-2, which I’ve seen cause intoxication delirium) or maybe even Bath Salts, a nightmare often landing people in the intensive care unit. A few states have decriminalized marijuana for medical or personal use. Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

On the other hand, an item published only days earlier sounded an alarm about Colorado physicians reporting that more children were being seen in the emergency room (ER) for “marijuana overconsumption”.

Colorado physicians report more children entering the ER due to marijuana overconsumption. The aforementioned liberal Colorado marijuana laws have led to a rise in children being poisoned by eating brownies and gummy worms spiked with cannabis. No kids eating marijuana were seen in the ER between 2005 and 2009. However,  a couple of years after the legalization of medical marijuana in that state, there were 14 cases. Thankfully there have been no fatalities, but that’s been called a “dramatic increase” in the occurrence rate of children being sickened by exposure to marijuana, according to one ER physician.

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