How and Why Did I Choose Psychiatry?

I saw a thought-provoking post by Dr. Sana L. Johnson-Quijada, MD about a young man who is considering psychiatry as a career, A Young Man’s Wrenching Journey | A Friend to Yourself. Her questions for readers to consider on how to advise the young man were about how to learn more about psychiatry “before pursuing […]

Quick Updates: Iowa Board of Medicine Meeting on MOL Postponed and DSM-5 Poll

Well, just a couple of updates today. I’m surprised at the rapidity and volume of responses so far to the poll on which  DSM-5 electronic product  people would buy: Most would buy the cheapest, which is the mobile app, which makes sense. The other replies included not buying any of them, waiting for “Merck to […]

OK, New Poll: Which DSM-5 Electronic Product Would You Buy?

Hey, here’s a poll on which electronic version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-5 consumers would purchase. Well, I know what low yield I get for polls, but I’m going to try again with this one. This is pertinent because of the cost of the electronic versions of the DSM-5 Mobile App and the […]

Elevator Pitch on MOL for the Iowa Board of Medicine Tomorrow

So tomorrow I’m scheduled for a 5-10 minute telephone conference with the Iowa Board of Medicine about my support of the principle of lifelong learning and opposition to Maintenance of Licensure (MOL). This was rescheduled from April because I was too busy on the general hospital psychiatry consultation service and because the board was running […]

Can We Make Medicine More Fun?

The challenge of how to make the practice of medicine more fun hit me as I was walking from the parking lot to my office with one of my colleagues in internal medicine. He volunteered the observation that our hit-and-run psychiatry consultation service tends to get a high number of requests that are probably inappropriate. Incidentally, […]