Update on the Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-3)

I was recently reminded of Dr. Igor Galynker, MD, PhD, who worked on the Suicide Trigger Scale-3 (STS-3), APA News: Suicide Trigger Scale Valid Predictor of Future Suicide Attempts | Psych Congress Network. The APA News link heralds the scale as being a valid predictor of future suicide attempts. The authors, including Dr. Galynker, indicate that the STS-3 “…is the first scale to show predictive validity for future suicide attempts…”

bumpy playing with the ballThis post is an update from the one I did a couple of years ago, Bumpy the Bipolar Bear: The Postman Brings Me A Jewel – The Practical Psychosomaticist. Back then, Dr. Galynker sent me one of those cute Bumpy the Bipolar Bear stuffed animals, Bumpy and Family | The Family Center for Bipolar . I still can’t tell if that was a good-natured joke or if he really thought I worked for Matt Mullenweg, because the address on the box was to WordPress.bumpy mailing box

I’ll have to remember to ask Matt for a raise.

Congratulations to Dr. Galynker and his colleagues!

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