Downtown Iowa City Arts Festival 2013!

Iowa City downtown arts festival 2012 pic credit the gazetteMy wife, Sena, and I went downtown to the the annual arts festival in Iowa City yesterday, Arts Festival – Schedule Iowa City 2013. It was the biggest one we’d ever seen and we’ve lived here a long time. It has grown over the years into quite a destination event. Artists and art lovers come from all over. You can get an idea of past festivals from the video below:

Sena gets a big kick out of the pet dogs people bring to the event. She  was captivated by a miniature version of a pug, a breed that will forever remind me of one of my favorite movies, Men In Blackfrank_the_pug. This year there was a large tent devoted to displaying the talents of younger artists, all the way from kids barely out of toddlerhood to University of Iowa undergraduates.

Iowa City downtown musicIt’s a tradition for us to visit the downtown Ped Mall, which was really the only place to go when we first arrived back in the late 1980s when I entered medical school. Iowa City has done a marvelous job preserving the area and it continues to thrive. We always have lunch at The Brown Bottle, a downtown icon since 1972.The Brown Bottle Iowa City And the music is phenomenal during the festival.

Sena saw a picture of an owl that she said spoke to her. The artist who sold it to us said it was a good thing she listened.Owl pic from Iowa Arts Festival 2013

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  1. cool! I have always (since mid nineties anyway) been a huge fan of the ped mall. It used to house some really cool shops. I haven’t been there in a while but I still recall it fondly. The Peaceful Fool with its smell and charm and stickers. Yes, you are indeed correct that the art festival has grown and become awesome!


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