Lies or Art?

So is this about lies or art? I just caught up to the whole mermaid thing last night, Charlie Foley Created Animal Planet’s Mermaids – Business Insider. The only thing was, I was napping on the couch before I could see the disclaimer about the show being fiction, mermaids new evidence disclaimer – Bing Images. After I found out it was a mockumentary, I was reminded of Orson Welles’ radio show, The War of the Worlds, The War of the Worlds (radio drama) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I pride myself on being a skeptic, but I have to admit, I got caught up in the drama, as many did from Welles’ radio show, which was clearly identified as fiction at the outset.

People were angry about being fooled by The War of the Worlds; these were the ones who didn’t hear the disclaimer. They felt lied to and were probably embarrassed. I really liked the mermaid show and finding out it was fiction didn’t bother me. I’m not sure why everyone calls it a hoax. Nobody lied to the viewing public about it.Mermaid new evidMermaid show

This also reminded me of some of my colleagues who seem to think that psychiatrists are better at detecting liars than other health professionals are. Hmmm…

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