POGOe Has a New Face and Quizzes!

I just had a chance to have a look at  the facelift of The Portal of Geriatrics Online Education (POGOe) at link POGOe – Portal of Geriatric Online Education | The Portal of Geriatrics Online Education.

It looks great and there’s a nice quiz feature; see link POGOe QBank | POGOe – Portal of Geriatric Online Education. You can even make your own quiz. It’s designed for health care professionals and the resource is free. It requires registration.

When you get your free username and password, try the dementia quiz at QBank Quiz – Dementia test | POGOe – Portal of Geriatric Online Education.

I double dog dare ya. Great job POGOe!

I think this resource is a much better way for senior physicians to improve their knowledge and skills than trying to introduce them to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) or Maintenance of Licensure (MOL). The American Psychiatric Association (APA) makes a valiant attempt to support the principle of lifelong learning, PsychiatryOnline | Psychiatric News | News Article Senior Physicians. I just think we can do better than the MOC.

Incidentally, according to psychiatrist Paul Wick, MD, chair-elect of the American Medical Association Senior Physician Section, there are more doctors in the 65 and older age category than in the 40 and younger bracket. Maintaining competency and quality care is a top priority, says Dr. Wick. And he emphasized “Aging physicians will leave the future supply of physicians in a critical condition.”

Wick’s comments were taken from a recent Psychiatric News Alert from the APA in a short article entitled “Needs of Senior Physicians Focus of New AMA Group.” The story was about an educational session at a recent AMA House of Delegates meeting in Chicago entitled “The Aging Physician: Opportunities and Challenges.” One of the items focused on was MOC for seniors and strategies for retaining older physicians in the workforce while ensuring safe practice.

I would point out that the fear some senior physicians might have that they might be expected to participate in the MOC will serve to drive them into retirement earlier than they otherwise would.

That is the critical condition.

“…And we must build a culture of humanistic clinical excellence.”—Jamos the Elder

“…And we must build a culture of humanistic clinical excellence.”—Jamos the Elder

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