Quick Updates: Iowa Board of Medicine Meeting on MOL Postponed and DSM-5 Poll

Well, just a couple of updates today. I’m surprised at the rapidity and volume of responses so far to the poll on which  DSM-5 electronic product  people would buy:

Most would buy the cheapest, which is the mobile app, which makes sense. The other replies included not buying any of them, waiting for “Merck to summarize it and get it free”, and one which (I think) seemed to suggest you could get the mobile app much cheaper in a different country. Click to enlarge the chart below, which is current as of the morning of June 29, 2013.Poll DSM5 electronic app choice June 29 2013

I’ve got a similar poll going on LinkedIn but it, for some reason, doesn’t show the actual bar graph data on the few results so far. You’re better off checking results periodically on my blog site.

high res image essentials of psychiatric dx allen francesYou could always buy Dr. Allen Frances’ “Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnoses: Responding to the Challenge of DSM-5”, Kindle edition for $20, Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Responding to the Challenge of DSM-5: Allen Frances: 9781462510498: Amazon.com: Books.

And about that telephone conference I was supposed to have with the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) about supporting lifelong learning and opposing Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) in Iowa–again it didn’t happen and will be postponed to late August. There was an unexpected change in the IBM agenda, which would have made it impossible to connect with them at the scheduled time. Moreover, I was, again not surprisingly, too busy on the general hospital psychiatric consultation service yesterday.

However, I gave them my elevator pitch, Elevator Pitch on MOL for the Iowa Board of Medicine Tomorrow – The Practical Psychosomaticist. I was amazed when they suggested postponing until late August at their next meeting. I have been very impressed by their continuing efforts to reach out to me on this issue. I hope it augurs well for Iowa physicians and patients by making it less likely that IBM will pursue efforts toward implementing MOL. Don’t do it.

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