Paladins for Lifelong Learning



This is just a short thank-you post for all those who’ve signed the petition to uphold the principle of lifelong learning and oppose Maintenance of Licensure (MOL), The list of names, to which the latest additions are Merry De Leon and Roslyn Seligman, is more than just signatures on a petition. It’s a roll call of paladins who stand by each other in defense of the right of doctors to preserve the pursuit of excellence, not just competence.

It isn’t so much about opposing MOL. It’s more about physicians taking back the honor and the labor to champion the cause of continuously honing our skills, knowledge, and reflecting on our pledge to patients. This is a charge no regulatory body has the right to usurp from doctors.

This list of paladins is short because there will always be only a few brave souls to stand on principle.


James Amos

Fatma Simsek-Duran

Jonathan Weiss

Kurt Miceli

Thomas Wassink

Jonathan Dozeman

Dan Gillette

James P. Bodnia

Susan P. Nelsen

Amanda Stumpf

Kyoungbin Im

Rebecca M. Twersky-Kengmana

Merry De Leon

Roslyn Seligman

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