Keep the Party Going

It’s always super when I get a sense that my colleagues on the med-surg units and I are clicking on safety issues and thinking outside the box about how to help our patients move forward. Most of them have both neuropsychiatric and medical issues.

That’s how it is in all hospitals. You can’t separate general medicine from psychiatry. That’s why stigma against mental illness is so wrong–and sometimes tragic. When a patient, especially an older one, displays new-onset psychiatric symptoms, it’s wise to think of medical problems first and be vigilant for them.

However, it’s also wise to be flexible and think about the frequent comorbidity of medical and psychiatric issues.

I’m continually impressed by the resident physicians under my supervision who turn the old adage attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes around, “Young men know the rules, but old men know the exceptions.”

The Geezer may be grumpy, but what most people don’t know is that he wants to keep the party going when he sees creativity not just trump experience, but build on it and reshape it.

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