You Know and I know: APM Meeting Registration Now Open!




APM 60th Ann Meeting Tucson 2013

It’s time for everyone interested in getting together November 13, 2013 in Tucson to learn about integrated care and more. Registration is now open for The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Annual Meeting 2013 in Tucson, Arizona, Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine — Home Page. Information about registration and the preliminary program are at links:

APM 2013 Annual Meeting

APM 2013 Annual Meeting Prelim Prog Sched

These are subject to change so you should check back frequently to the APM home page to stay current. APM always puts on a great show in venues that are breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing. Boy, I wish I were going but I have to chair the Annual Convention on the Preservation of Break-Dancing Koala Bears.

That’s just a little geezer humor. There’s no such thing as a koala bear. Seriously, the program includes the usual Updates in Psychosomatic Medicine, which runs a half day on November 13, 2013. I would also not want to miss selected presentations that bear importantly on the practice of all physicians, not just psychiatric consultants.

All you have to do is hover the mouse over the title of the presentations at the APM web site (see the preliminary program schedule link above). The list below contains just a few of those I would attend if I could go:

  • Assessment and Management of the Opioid Dependent Chronic Pain Patient
  • Negotiating the Value of Your Service
  • Maintenance of Certification: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Board Certified
  • Clinical Challenges for the Early Career Consultation Psychiatrist: When Your Peers Are the Obstacle
  • Is Playing NICE Enough? Lessons Learned in Implementing a Delirium Identification and Prevention in an Academic and Community Hospital System
  • Effective Communication within the Psychiatry Consult-Liaison (C-L) Team and Among C-L Psychiatrists and Medical and Surgical Services
  • New Models for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in the Era of Health Care Reform: The Embedded Psychiatrist
  • Where Health Care Reform & Consultation Collide: The Emergency Department. A joint workshop of the Emergency Psychiatry SIG (geezernote: SIG stands for Special Interest Group) and the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry
  • Agitation, Delirium & Other Things That ‘Go Bump in the Night in the Medicine Ward’

Now you know and I know where to go in November. And just maybe physicians, patients, hospital and clinic administrators, and health policy makers will get together one day on the right way to integrate medical and psychiatric care.

Let me know what you learn.

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