Want More Psychiatry Bloggers? You Got It!

This is just a short post to introduce a new feature on my blog home page. Starting today, readers can more easily find links to other blogs written by psychiatrists about psychiatric practice. The links are located, for now, in the right upper hand spot directly below the lower menu under the Header.

I think it’s important for patients, families, physicians, and any other interested readers to know the opinions and views of those I consider colleagues. Now, of course, we tend to share similar perspectives on current issues, but I think they often express them with greater clarity.

I think I owe my readers that much–an opportunity for a break from geezer rants. The most recent posts have to do with the federal government and mental health care, specifically regarding an organization I didn’t know as much about as I should have, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Some links connected with the story that I think might be helpful are below:





Go ahead and scan through the SAMHSA pdf. Just as the bloggers note, I could not find any mention of specific psychiatric disorders in this 117 page document. I’m as mystified by this as they are.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning from my fellow bloggers. What they know should be part of every psychiatry resident’s education. And it wouldn’t hurt for every medical student to get this kind of exposure to how mental health care is managed and mismanaged in this country.

Maybe you can’t get just anything you want on my blog (beer, for example)–but I do what I can.



  1. Thanks for the links!


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