Making Presentation Slides with WordPress Shortcodes

Toothy grinRemember that WordPress news item about making a slide set using shortcode? I don’t know about you but it made me grind my teeth. It seemed like a few readers were like me–just didn’t get it without a step-by-step. Here’s a geezer’s take on a very simplified walk-through. I’m sure you could do better.

First I tried it using the Text mode and clicking the icon for “shortcode.” Don’t do it.  Then I tried typing the word “presentation” followed by “width=400 height=300” enclosed in brackets. I can’t use brackets in my instructions because then I can’t instruct.

Then I typed the word “slide bgcolor=#81d742” between brackets on a separate line. You can’t just type a color like “apple green”. Maybe I’ll try a simple background, which would be typed “bgimg=some image you have the URL for” and put that in brackets.

Next, I typed something boring right below the previous “slide, etc.” line.

Following that I typed “/slide”. I repeated the bracketed “slide, etc.”, boring content, bracketed “/slide, etc. for each slide, then finished with “/presentation” in brackets. I don’t know if you need to type everything on a separate line; you probably don’t.

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