President Barack Obama’s Reply to My Letter

Remember that letter I sent to President Obama in May 2013? It was in the post, My Letter to President Obama About MOC and MOL – The Practical Psychosomaticist. It was about my opposition to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and Maintenance of Licensure (MOL).

Well, I just got a reply on August 30, 2013. No kidding–well, sort of a reply anyway. It was an email; it was definitely from the White House; “Response to your message” was in the subject line; and it was digitally signed “Barack Obama”.

The trouble is that it was obviously an impersonal form letter about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ObamaCare to many nowadays). If you read my letter carefully, you’ll find nothing about the ACA in it.

You can read President Obama’s letter if you’re interested below:

You can also read my colleague’s blog about a recently published Op-Ed piece in the New York Times about ACA as well, Psych Practice obamacare coverage vs care. And just in case the link to the story is broken within the post, you can check, Sunday Dialogue – Blocking Health Reform –

I think this is a classic example of what many people complain about in their elected officials–they don’t listen. Frankly, I never expected a reply of any kind. I would have preferred that over the answer I did receive. Some people just keep on dancing, whether it’s to the music or not.

4 thoughts on “President Barack Obama’s Reply to My Letter

  1. I’m guessing it’s computer generated. The software picks up on your language-you were writing about medical practice-and generates a reply in the same general subject area, one intended to advertise new merchandise, like google ads that pick up language in your emails.

    Not that that’s an excuse. But at least I can give myself permission to go on believing that if a person had read it, you might have had the more decent response of no reply at all.


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