Iowa Board of Medicine Meeting on MOL Rescheduled

By now you know that the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) cancelled and rescheduled our telephone conference for the third time since April this year to discuss my opposition to Maintenance of Licensure (MOL). I had called a couple of days prior just to check availability of the time slot and it was open then. However, the Board’s agenda changed abruptly on August 30, 2013, the day of the telephone conference. A pressing issue became a priority, which sounded very plausible to me.

We’ve rescheduled for October 24-25, 2013. They apologized again for the inconvenience and offered me a couple of choices. I could try again to present at the public session of the meeting, which is usually in the afternoon of the second day of the meeting. They also offered something new, which would be to speak by telephone with the Licensure Committee of the Board, which usually meets in the morning of the first day of the regular IBM meeting. The advantage would be that I’d have more time to present and would actually be able to have a conversation with the members of the Licensure Committee. Further, they are the Board members who are most familiar with the topic.

That arrangement might work out for the better, although I’m on duty on the psychiatry consultation service again and will need to arrange coverage because mornings are the busiest time.

IBM was also kind enough to bring me up to date on their plans for MOL in Iowa. The Board is not in a position currently to implement any rules related to MOL. The next pilot project they may participate in is a survey of Iowa licensed physicians in order to collect data on such items including but not limited to:

  • Board certification status
  • Preferred method of earning CME
  • Information about physicians’ practices
  • Participation in MOC

The Board also shared the news that Colorado recently surveyed its licensees about MOL and Virginia plans to conduct such a survey as well. IBM has sought assistance from the medical societies for crafting a survey for Iowa licensees, but has not yet chosen a roll-out time.


A survey is a good idea. Because our state medical society adopted a resolution supporting lifelong learning but opposing MOL in April 2013, I expect the survey will show the Board that implementing MOL would be an uphill battle.

But that’s only if they ask physicians whether or not they want MOL. Will they give us a choice?

One way to look at this is that it gives me more time to buff my elevator pitch. Oh well, I’ve been knocked off the Board’s dance card three times now–but I got a feeling they’ll save the last dance for me.

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