Survey Results So Far: Free Psychiatry On Line Journal Club

It’s been about 10 days since we started the survey on the free online psychiatry journal club, So far there have been only 6 responses total, all “yes” votes for having one. Respondents were from Spain, Belgium, Israel, and America.

The responses for which venue on which to hold the journal club were interesting. The majority (67%) want it to remain on the blogs. Facebook and LinkedIn were neck and neck at 17% apiece. There were no votes for Google+ Circles as the first choice for venue.

The highest percentage of votes for the alternative venues went to Facebook, with 30% of the votes. LinkedIn, On the Blogs, and Google+ Circles each captured 20% as alternates, and one vote went to a separate online blog, presumably another besides that which we’re already using.

Although in my experience, after this much time the number of responses to surveys tends to stall, I’m happy to keep going.

Your thoughts?