Psychiatry Online Journal Club Survey, Further On

Well, survey response rates being what they are, the increment is not much for the Psychiatry Online Journal Club Survey, But we are moving just a little further on. And before we look at them, see Psych Practice’s latest entry on the most  recent paper on psychodynamic psychotherapy for panic disorder. There’s greater clarity about the rationale for not selecting cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a comparator.

So far, nine responders make it very clear they want an online journal club and they still seem to prefer keeping it on the blogs. However, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are catching up as alternative venues:

Psychiatyr Online Journal Club Survey So Far

I think it’s cool that participants come from all around the world and across the United States, including Illinois, Iowa (even if it doesn’t show up on the map), Minnesota, New York, and California:

Online Journal Club Survey Locations

Personally, I’m not so keen on using Facebook, but I respect the preferences of others. I guess I’m leaning more toward LinkedIn if we choose a venue other than the blogs. It sure is interesting to see how this evolves.

This is just starting to get interesting. Come on and let us know what you think out there!

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