CPCP: Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy by Medical Student Keenan Laraway

Keenan LarawayI don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) as much as I did recently when Keenan Laraway, an exceptionally talented and highly motivated junior medical student,  put together a stunning presentation on Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy. The slides speak for themselves. I especially like the quote from a physician I’ll always admire and respect, Dr. Richard Leblond, “It’s the train you don’t see that’ll hit you.”

Good luck, Dick.

As usual, the trainee made some excellent slides to get the point across. In order to see the picture galleries of photos or powerpoint slides, click on one of the slides, which will open up the presentation to fill the screen. Use the arrow buttons to scroll left and right through the slides or up and down to view the annotations.



  1. Good emphasis on EEG. I think that psychiatrists generally underutilize it but it provides a unique look at brain functioning. It is surprising how many physicians see a new onset of psychosis in the 5th or 6th decade, do brain imaging, and leave it at that. Whenever I see delta waves on an EEG there is something other than a psychosis going on. The main problem with EEG is availability. I don’t know how useful the stretch cap with electrodes is compared with an EEG lab with trained techs placing the electrodes and eliminating artifacts.


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