I Did So Wear Red Pants to Work!

red pants at work 2Just to prove that I did indeed wear red pants to work in honor of Red Pants Revolution for Lifelong Learning Day, one of the residents took a couple of pictures of me in my office. By the way, we’re moving forward with the online journal club on LinkedIn and have christened it with a new name, Psychiatrists Online Lifelong Learning (POLL).

Another idea is what to pick for the logo. We decided on a butterfly because it evokes the idea of metamorphosis, an evolution from within, which is how I believe genuine reflective self-improvement and lifelong learning occurs. We’re also trying to depict the butterfly image so that the wings appear like the pages of a journal.Butterfly

The resident who took my pictures thought of another reason that a butterfly might be a fitting image, although I’m not sure I believe the premise–yet. There’s this idea that the beating of butterfly wings is powerful enough to cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet. The idea is romantic and makes me think that small efforts like our little POLL might make a big wave someday. I was curious enough to look it up on the web and found an intriguing page.

But none of us are artists so I’m trying to find out if one of our residents can do it.

Red pants at work 1I didn’t see anyone else with red pants, even though it was Halloween. That’s OK because, even by myself I can float like a butterfly…and sting like a bee.M Ali boxing



  1. Well, you did it, so now it’s my turn. I’ll wear red pants once the linkedin group is up and running. and I’ll take a picture.

    The butterfly effect is related to Chaos Theory. I believe the idea is that in a chaos model, it’s essentially impossible to predict what will happen, because small perturbations can cause huge changes. It’s why the weather can’t be predicted. It’s also, arguably, a model for thought.

    So yeah, great idea about the butterfly effect. Small actions can induce big things.


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