Come On Over to LinkedIn and See Us On POLL!

Butterfly-HurricaneWell, we’re gradually gathering momentum on the new LinkedIn online journal club, Psychiatry Online Lifelong Learning (POLL)! We’ve started a discussion on an article by Wayne Katon and colleagues about a study which shows the efficacy of the collaborative care model. We would like this to be a forum for sharing the diverse perspectives on the collaborative care model, which has been called the “wave of the future” in the era of health care reform for both primary care and psychiatry.

I want to share my view about a particular feature of LinkedIn.

I have an opinion about the “Top Influencer In this Group” designation which seems to be in every group on LinkedIn. It’s been my impression that this always goes to whoever started the discussion, regardless of how important and influential the comments of other contributors are.

I would rather not emphasize this feature because I believe it fosters a competitive attitude which can lead to a volcanic surge in new discussions which may diminish the development of other topics.

I believe LinkedIn should either eliminate the “Top Influencer” or make it a more realistic tool for finding those who genuinely advance discussions. They’re not always the ones who simply start them.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s hear from you about Katon et al on collaborative care!


Registration with LinkedIn is free!

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