Delirium and Major Neurocognitive Disorder: Lecture for Medical Students

Here’s a post with a stab at using WordPress shortcode for a presentation on delirium and dementia for medical students. Oops, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-5, we can’t using the word “dementia” anymore. We have to call it “Major Neurocognitive Disorder” and use specifiers for types including Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular, and so on. Be sure to view the videos in full screen; otherwise they won’t work.

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  1. I think the diagnoses of Major and Minor Neurocognitive disorder were major advances. I ran Geriatric Psychiatry and Memory Disorder Clinic for many years and had a number of people with subjective cognitive impairment, clear potential etiologies and they had a need for ongoing monitoring but they did not meet criteria for dementia. A whole category of specific Mild Neurocognitive Disorders is exactly what my clinic and others like it needed.


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