Butterfly Logo Crisis…And Contest Offer!

We’re having a little trouble with our logo for our new online journal club, Psychiatry Online Lifelong Learning (POLL), which we just launched only days ago. The current logo is a generic image of 3 faceless dudes huddled together who could not possibly articulate the idea we want to express for POLL because, hey, they have no mouths.

The vision our leader had for the logo was a butterfly with wings in the shape of journal pages. Sound simple? It’s anything but. Speaking of our leader, there is a promise about red pants that is so far unfulfilled and I just want to point out that we are all waiting, hmmmm.

Anyway, I’m proposing a contest that you readers are lucky enough to be able to participate in, wow!

Anybody who has artistic ability who can produce an image of a butterfly with journal pages for wings can enter. The winner (I can barely contain myself!) will win–are you ready for this?:

A totally free, all expense paid, premium, solid gold, luxury, OMG, spectacular, yeah baby yeah, are you feeling me?, once-in-a-lifetime, stunning, red carpet, fly-me-to-the-moon trip to the LinkedIn interest group POLL!

Boy, I’m out of breath.

All you have to do is comment on this post with a link to your image, which can be no larger than 100 Kb, according to the LinkedIn size requirement for jpeg, png, or gif formats.

I cannot wait for the absolute flood of responses we are going to get to this FREE contest offer! Did I say FREE! Yes, I did. I can’t believe we’re doing this, WOW!

Sending images of you in red pants is optional. Thank you for your support. You’re the best.



  1. I’m working on the red pants. There’s no one to take a picture of me in them in my office. I’m also taking a stab at the butterfly. Not going well, so far.


    • Your idea about the butterfly logo is so creative! I haven’t heard from my residents about an artist in the bunch. But a resident did take my picture 🙂
      Me in my red pants!


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