Single Payer Solution to American Health Insurance Grief?

Well, I’ve been reading the news about all of the challenges with Obamacare lately including:

  • The alleged attempts at hacking, which were unsuccessful by the way.
  • Insurance cancellations to the 6% of Americans who bought their own insurance, although Iowans were somewhat protected from this according to a Des Moines Register story by Tony Leys, published in the November 14, 2013 online issue.
  • Glitches in and the revelation that only about 106,000 Americans were enrolled as of November 13, 2013. And of that, only 27,000 signed up through How many Iowans selected plans? Only 136.
  • Another story by Tony Leys in the November 13, 2013 online issue of the Des Moines Register revealed that Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart ordered a review of Iowa insurance carrier giant Wellmark (with 86% of the market) reserves–1.3 billion dollars. Some think that Wellmark stayed out of the Health Insurance Marketplace to avoid incurring risks that might have jeopardized that reserve.

MLKonhealthcare_zps49508968Which brings me to another email message from Dr. Andy Coates, MD, FACP, President of the Physicians for a National Health Program. His latest message included a link to slide sets from the recent PNHP Annual Meeting in Boston on November 2, 2013. You might check out the very quick presentation on the Canadian system, “The Canadian health care system in 8 minutes,” by Karen Palmer, MPH, MS. Dr. Coates was also featured on WAMC Northeast Public Radio on November 1, 2013 and you can listen to the broadcast here.

If you prefer, you can read it on the PNHP site.

Are we there yet?

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