CoMeBeh Follow Up Further On…Even in Red Pants!

This is an update to a previous post about recruiting patients for the Collaborative Medicine and Behavioral Health (CoMeBeh) Clinic in the Adult Psychiatry Clinic here at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. CoMeBeh is the UIHC answer to integrated care. While many examples of integrated and collaborative care often involve a patient seen in primary care settings with mental health interventions available there, the CoMeBeh project is the flip side of the coin. And a psychiatrist actually sees the patient! Patients seen in the psychiatry clinic are offered primary care interventions, with two care managers coordinating the care, Josephine Bowers and Rachael Edelen…who are in Red Pants for the Revolution in Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement!

Jo Bowers and Rachael Edelen CoMeBeh Care Managers in Red Pants!

Jo Bowers and Rachael Edelen CoMeBeh Care Managers in Red Pants!

red pants at work 2

Thanks Jo and Rachael! You are really good sports and you got it goin’ further on!

Dr. Alison Lynch, MD

Dr. Alison Lynch, MD

This is an excellent opportunity for a patient being seen in the Psychiatry Clinic, who needs an annual physical exam, to be scheduled to have this exam in the Adult Psychiatry Clinic on Tuesday mornings. A Family Practice resident is assigned to this clinic. The Director of the program, board certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatry, Dr. Alison Lynch. staffs the visit. Follow-up appointments are made in the Family Practice Clinic.

They allow an hour for this annual exam appointment. The patient is offered the opportunity to be part of the Care Management follow-up program: phone calls between visits, patient education, assistance with making appointments, healthy living encouragement, etc.

Patients can be referred to this program, by contacting a CoMeBeh representative directly or by creating an order Epic, our electronic health record.

They plan to develop a patient satisfaction survey soon. The comments they have heard from the patients are very positive. They very much appreciate having an hour with the physician to talk over all concerns. They do not feel rushed. They are having good success with having CoMeBeh patients follow up in Family Medicine.

• CoMeBeh patient visits are billed in Family Medicine. They cannot see patients without insurance. The Health Services Research and Administration (HRSA) grant funding supports the care management followup part of the program. They are in year 3 of a 5 year grant.

• They generally can schedule patients within 2 weeks. They have the clinic on Tuesday morning. They do not have the clinic every week due to resident scheduling. They can accommodate 2 patients each Tuesday that they do have clinic.

• The residents find the clinic extremely rewarding. They too appreciate having an hour with the patients without feeling rushed.

And in addition to the clinic in Psychiatry, they recruit and follow up with patients in the Family Practice Clinic. They have approximately 190 consented CoMeBeh patients in the two clinics combined.

It’s just one way UIHC is leading their way…moving further on.

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