Collaborative Care Models Like Performing “Dance of the Goblins?”

As promised, here is an extra post today allowing all comers to comment on the integrated/collaborative care models as espoused by two of the best representatives.

First up is Dr. Eric Vanderlip, MD, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa’s dual Family Medicine–Psychiatry residency program. Bravo, Eric!

And here is the perspective of Dr. Lori Raney, MD, a strong leader in the integrated care model.

I’m also proud of the CoMeBeh program here at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. However, there are justifiable concerns about how practical it is for rank and file health care providers to implement integrated and collaborative care models in their own systems. Some may feel like asking them to do so is like asking average violinists to saw their way through the fiendishly difficult “Dance of the Goblins”:

Where can the average provider find consultative guidance on how to successfully implement collaborative care delivery systems? Comments welcome!

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