According to Pain-in-the-Butt Spokescanine


According to pain-in-the-butt spokescanine: As American Psychiatric Association President-Elect, I propose we stop charging APA members for the FOCUS Journal of Lifelong Learning for obtaining credit toward Maintenance of Certification (MOC). It should be free. What do you think?


OK, calm down. What do you think about a single payer system for health insurance in this country, namely H.R. 676?


You’re a little testy today, aren’t you? I really wonder why the framers of MOC don’t advocate for creating a FREE delirium assessment, management, and prevention Performance in Practice (PIP) activity. Sound good?

dogStop howling. You’re an opponent of the Affordable Care Act, yet you signed up for Obamacare on Don’t you think that’s ironic?Boehner for ObamacareMedal of Irony Award John Boehner



  1. That was so painful. It’s great!


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