Last Day to Vote in APA Elections Tomorrow–Vote!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) elections, so please vote if you’re a member. If you have access to the APA LinkedIn discussion site, please add your comment to the one entitled “Social Media and APA.” My comments are below:

“I’ve gotten to social media rather late in my career and it has been largely through blogging. I’m collecting so many usernames and passwords that I’m considering buying a separate briefcase for them.  Can I just say that I like what I’ve read here rather than clicking the “Like” button?

When I compare what little experience I’ve had with Twitter, Facebook, Doximity, and LinkedIn, I get a sense that LinkedIn has very high potential as a tool for sparking the creativity and real-world action that must be out there amongst the 2800-plus APA members, most of whom I’ve not heard from.

It’s exciting to read the ideas here. I’ve picked up on some major themes:

-Fostering debate and generativity regarding practical solutions to issues important to APA members.

-Facilitating the connection of APA members with APA leaders who can brainstorm about how to make an impact on the issues which often involves communicating with other organizations.

-Engaging residents and fellows in the debates, role-modeling leadership for them and helping them see that involvement can make a difference.

-Conveying the message that social media is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, another way to foster one of Stephen Covey’s principles—keeping the end in mind.

I’m just a geezer consulting psychiatrist trying to teach medical students and residents that it’s worthwhile to embrace the principle of lifelong learning, to integrate the core competencies into a genuinely self-reflective practice, and to believe that “leadership is a choice, not a position”—Stephen Covey.

I look to my trainees and to the APA candidates for the leadership we need now. Thanks so much to all of the candidates. I hope more members vote this year.”




  1. I forgot to add that voting online takes minutes.

    It has never been easier.


  2. Agree Jim – getting in the voting habit will also increase the likelihood of activism like yours and other on MOC. Failing to have enough voting members to pass a referendum item and even one that was widely supported on MOC moves control of the organization farther upstream than I would like it to.

    I suspect that if most of our members voted we would have never seen a shred of support for managed care within the organization. If it is strictly left up to politics there will always be somebody who wants to include something that works against the front line psychiatrists. That is why we are in our current predicament.


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