A Box Marked “Fragile”

So at the end of a beautiful Saturday with my wife, Sena, we drove home. As we pulled into the driveway, Sena spied and, with embarrassment, mentioned that a box containing my gift for my upcoming birthday  had been delivered a bit too early. It was on our front porch. I got to carry it […]

CPCP: A Primer on Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome by the Medical Students

Here’s another excellent CPCP by a pair of medical students, Paul Meirick, who’s interested in internal medicine and Pablo Kollmar, who’s interested in anesthesia. They both matched in their chosen residency programs so, congratulations! they also contributed the Epic Delirium Order Set slide for the screensaver post, the one with the 4-armed character. They worked […]

Compassion Fatigue and Osler’s Imperturbability

I read with great interest Dr. George Dawson’s post on compassion fatigue. It sounded like his own special beginning of the time of closing off a part of himself so that he could do what doctors have to do for patients if they are to help them through their own horror. His account of one of […]

Iowa Physician Acceptability Survey on MOL is History…for Me

The Iowa Physician Acceptability Survey on Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) in Iowa was sent out yesterday by e-mail link, which I completed. I’ve written several posts about this, the most recent on March 23, 2014. In case you can’t guess, of course I completed Question 31 (“Please provide any additional comments you might have that […]

The Word from Big Brother on Mandated CME

I thought I’d share the answers I’ve received from the Iowa Board of Medicine about the mandated CME requirements for chronic pain management and end of life care. I’ve previously posted these comments on the LinkedIn American Psychiatric Association (APA) discussion site. They think psychiatrists “likely have patient populations in each of these areas…” That’s […]